Father’s day, looking back

Father’s day is an interesting day. Dating back all the way to 1910, it was first celebrated in Spokane. After a slow start, it was until the 1930’s, and with the backing of trade groups (I see similarities with Valentine’s day here), it was brought to national awareness in the US. And from there on it spread out over the globe.

Originally portrayed as a companion to mother’s day, commercial hype has brought it to the level of being the panultimate day to celebrate being a dad. Lavish gifts are being promoted as something that has to be bought to celebrate this day. Though the core value is the one that matters: appreciating the fact your father is your father. And for me personally, that is the thought that counts.

It is rather painfull then that I am one of an ever growing number of fathers who rarely get to see their child(ren). Just a few years back my ex and me broke up, with our son staying behind with her. The unfortunate side effect of having a full-time job, and not living close to your child after the break up. A break up usually leads to weird situation. What to do with the remnants of the family during holidays, and commemorative days? And Father’s day is not unlike the others. This year (as the previous years) I did not get to see my son. It was not “our” weekend. And though I am acceptant of this fact (it happens), in the back of your mind it still stings. I am sure a lot of divorced fathers feel this as well.

I do not feel sad. It stings, but I know deep in their heart, even if you do not get to see your child(ren), the love for you will still be there. Just keep giving them the love they deserve. And remember that as a divorced father, despite everything (including a new partner for your ex), your are not alone. There are more fathers like you out there who feel like you do. Despite everything (good or bad) keep believing everything will be alright.


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