Forgeworld posted a new preview video on youtube about their upcoming book (and implied new models on top of what they have already published) here: http://goo.gl/tK3bY

Eventhough I don’t actively play the game (I love the lore and working on the models, which reminds me, I have to take pictres of the last models I painted up a long time ago), I am still very much excited about this.


Well the video implies “older” models (instead of the year 41st millenium, we are now focussing on the 31st milennium), and models like the cataphactii terminators. And THATS quite exciting. Now lets hope Forgeworld will release a whole slew of models, and not just one or two every two weeks or so. Time to take the painting hobby back up (and collected all my painting materials from my old house). And my wallet will hate me in a few years time.