Job Applications II

So the last time my rant about trying to find a job was, in retrospect, slightly incoherent. Though the point being: why is it that all companies calim they can’t find the right person, while all they do is skim a resume and refuse to dig deeper?

As mentioned before: I have found this to be a big hurdle in trying to find a job. I have sent my resume to many companies, and they all came back to me stating I never fitted any profile. Quite surprisingly, a tertiary party would contact me shortly after to ask me if they could send my resume to the very same company. Lo and behold: you do get a positive response and an invitation for an interview. Now it does make you wonder: what are these companies doing?

While browsing linkedIn I see many stories flying by (posted by recruiters no less) about how to be a better recruiter. And how to bypass the simple resume skipping part. And dive into someone’s profile to determine if a prospect is suitable for the job. Not qualification wise but person wise (as qualifications are but a tiny part of the story). No where are these stories going besides being awesome blog fillings? My personal experience: absolutley nothing has changed. It’s all hot air, and everybody is still only looking at your resume. And esppecially if you have done the EXACT same thing before. In nearly every company that is still looking for new hires in this economy. Only the intermediates (as in the temp agencies) will looking slightly beyond. But don’t be fooled by their promises I have found.

I am reminded of two applicattions I was invited for, in which an aganecy had “scouted” my resume (or more accurately, they had pulled it off of monsterboard……). I got this big talk that they had a client who was very interested in me. And were really happy with my profile. The first application was with Van Oort in Rotterdam, all the way back in 2006. I had traveled by train (2,5 hours) to be picked up from the station by the intermediate. Over coffee he hardly gave me any details on the job, mostly we discussed my resume and my education. I had just graduated so there wasn’t much to mention on my resume. We took off to Van Oort (a big dredgind company), and on arriving there, the HR person asked the intermediate to please wait outside. They only wnated to interview me. The gist being: they had heard I was really enthousiatic about being a project leader. And I had to explain them and persuade them why, because they werent so sure about me. Which was, well, quite a shock. And the polar oppossite of the meeting I had only 5 minutes before! That was a blundering failure. I wasn’t surprised to see that afterwards I was standing alone in the lobby of Van Oort. Shortly afterwards I signed with Yacht. Who did take me seriously.

The second emabrrasment wasn’t quite unlike the first. It was shortly before I lost my job with Yacht, and I met with soemone who had started his own company after having worked for a few years with Yacht. Again I heard of a great opportunity with a company who could truly use someone of my calibre and expertise. So when the meeting finally came with said company (surprisingly, I had to attend the interview on my own! Why were they the intermidairies again????), I was questioned about my excellent expertise on construction and management. The areas I had mentioned I wanted to work on in my next job. If you end an interview where the company your applying at rates you as worse than a college graduate, one has to wonder what they were promised before the candidate came over. I was both shocked and highly dissapointed.


Luckily: it all ended well. Shortly after this failure, I got a call from a company who asked me if I knew someone who could fill in a specific role. Instead of browsing through my network, I jumped on it. Despite not being my expertise, I felt it would give me an opportunity to explore my management skills. And give me the chance to expand my leadership qualities. And believe it or not, despite absolutely no ties to the industry, I am not working as the assistant manager of their southern branch. Good times (and proof to myself that I can perform well at interviews).

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