The odd parent out

Being a father after a divorce can be quite challenging. Ofcourse there are those couples out there who still get a long quite fine after a divorce. And they can still discuss everything that matters between them and their child, and split the care for their child evenly.


I wasn’t so fortunate.


After I got divorced, I got the short end of the stick. The lawyers (mine and the one from my ex) decided it was a terrific idea that I would both only see my son for 6 hours in two weeks, and pick him up and drop him back home (I had a company car when I gor divorced). With the arrangement that My time with my son would be expanded after I got my own place. But as the intro would predict, my ex turned out to be a bit more, for a lack of words, bitchy about it all. The expansion of my time with my son is being constantly thwarthed. I have been relegated to a “secondary” father role. I have no clue what or how he does at school. I read on the internet that he plays soccer. It’s awesome.


But actually it’s quite sad. Being the odd one out, mostly out of your sons life, is the worst thing that can happen to a father. Granted I still get to see him (despite having to foot an enormous gasoline bill since I have my own car now, and there is no budging in being a bit forthcoming in traveling to where I live), it is still painfull. Especially when your child looks at ouy with the sad look only children can give you and tells you he wants to stay over with you. No matter how tough you are, you will be heart broken after it all.

So what can I say. It has been a very emotional weekend. And what did YOU do?

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