Stuck on a new (android) game

For the nerds amongst you, the following meme should be VERY familiar:


A couple of years back, I played pandemic 2. They key cotry to that game (in most games anyway) used to be Madagascar. It closed down its port (the only way of entering that country) in record breaking time. So finishing up a game (i.e. killing all the inhabitants on earth) was nearly impossible. Go give the flash game a go.

I was surprised to see: Ndemic creations has made the jump to iOS and android with the updated game Plague Inc.


As addictive as the “original”, it adds a host of new options to upgrade your disease (virus, bacateria etc.) to a new level. And Madagascar isn’t the lynchpin anymore (I have had some problems with Greenland though), and always watch out you don’t make the next Ebola: killing off the infected too fast, before they can reinfect other people.

A game to definitely try out on your mobile gaming device of choice (iPad, iPhone, Android, Android tablet), just beware of the battery drain!


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