So I was thinking……

So I stumbled upthinking man stock photo thinker questioning puzzling manon a interesting page this morning. Courtesy of someone who dropped it on my timeline on facebook. While I do not fully agree with everything that has been stated, it did make me ponder a bit (which is always a good thing). Go read it for yourself if you want:


So now keep in my mind: my brain isn’t always wired right. So if it makes me think, it might make me think over a lot of different topics, far removed from what the author wants me to think about. For a long time I have been sitting on this blog and thinking: “What the hell am I going to write about?!?”. This mostly fueled by all the bloggers who actually have a central theme. Who have a purpose. But what if you have no idea (and WordPress so kindly pointed out to have a purpose for your blog before you start writing), then what.


But then today I realised. So what. No-one has any idea what they really want (save the rare individual who has been working on their dream since they have been sitting in diapers). We are all just a little lost, and coping with being lost in our very own way. So no: I have no purpose with this blog. It just IS. And what I might find interesting. So there.

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