Job applications I

ImageOn the first of August this year I was let go. After having worked for nearly 6 years at a subisdary of Randstad, and fullfilling assignements for them (with the longest one lasting for 4 years in Germany), they were not able to find a new job for me for a whole 6 months. Thus they offered to let me go with a settlement. And that was that.


Not going into the somewhat depressing period you get after losing your job (despite the fact you were very happy with the job and its perks), the positive side of being let go is ofcourse the opportunity of finding an even better job (with better perks…… well thats what you try to get anyway).


Now the biggest hurdle I faced in the beginning: I work in construction (not on the site itself, I am a structural engineer after all, thus I get to sit in a comfy chairr and decide what the boys outside need to do). And as some of you might have noticed, with the current crisis going on, in the Netherlands, construction is not a very favourable market to be in. Not counting the number of businesses which are going out of business at the moment!


Lats backtrack a little. Since the first of Jan I havent had an assignement anymore. Add in the 6 months, and you can fill in that by the end of May/June it was clear I had to find a job outside of the company that I worked for at that moment. And I was quite amazed at what happened after I filled in the proper words in my job title on Linked In. Companies started calling me left righ and center. However one small little thing stood out: none of them were actually companies you could work for. For the lack of a better word, it was only “head hunting that” was done by companies like Brunel, Maandag etc.  Contacting construction companies themselves netted me nothing. They liked my resume but no, sorry, we really don’t need your services, or we don’t have the money (one company literally wrote me that), or some other excuse. This, coupled with some other adventures in job hunting, got me thinking lately: the big corporations hav recruiters and the like, and post many job applications on their websites. However, from my perspective most of the jobs are being filled in by these glorified resume skimmers. And I wonder what an HR department does in terms of recruitment if they rely on these agencies for proper candidates? Or is my view point to narrow?


Anyway stay tuned for part II as at the moment I am on the verge of picking between 3 jobs, and yes all of them are through tertiary agencies (as they seem to be the only ones being able to cut through the outer layer of many companies.