Well it has been quite some time since my last post. Was I posting about games and starting a review about interim agencies little over a month ago: in the mean time I have been up and down the lenght of the Netherlands a little too often to my liking. Despite the awesome economy, I was finally hired and got a new job! Not exactly what I had thought of when I first applied, but a job nonetheless. And quite surprisingly in the construction sector of the job market. With all the huge declines happening, and all the budget cuts, its really good this has happened indeed.


Not surprisingly: a new job is like a new stage in your life. A new place to commute to every day. A new place to get to know the routine of. The hierachy and the pecking order. The ego’s and the no-go’s. And ofcourse a new place to assert yourself, and find your own spot.


I am excited and tired!